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18 inches Pre-bonded Indian Remy hair extension

Product Detail Information

First,This product features: hair soft, non-shedding, water washed away the color, stretch, Tangle Free. Can be hot and dyeing; soft and smooth, strong and durable, no variegated hair. Use a long period.

1.Hair Material: Indian hair, Brazillian hair, Chinese hair, European hair,Vietnamhair, Peruvian hair, Mongolian hair, Malaysian hair, Russian hair, etc

2. Material: 100% human hair

3.Size: 8 "-32"

4.Human hair grade A, B grade, C grade, D grade

5. monthly production:30000/pcs

6.Optional glue:ItalyFibrin glue, Switzerland Fibrin glue,Koreaglue, Chinese glue, customized according to customer requirements.

7.Choice of ring: the optional silicone ring, copper ring, optional single-line single ring, single line bicyclic, monocyclic lane, according to customer requirements customized.

Second, packaging and delivery time:

1. PVC/OPP/PP bag, white board or leewin hair company packaging, hangtags and Carton, can also according to customer requirements printed packaging. (Support OEM / ODM service)

2.Delivery time: Inventory items within 24 hours after receipt of payment or deposit; machine made products in 7-10 days, more than 50 kilograms of 10 to 20 days; the hand made products needs: 20-25 days.

Third, by weight:

1. hair weft/hair weaving;100g±4g/pc of each bundle;

2. pre-bonded hair/micro ring hair extension:0.5g/ strand,0.6g/strand,0.75g/strand,1 g/beam

3.Clip hair/PU hair piece:2.5g/piece(2.3CMclamp);3g/piece (2.8-3.2CMclamp)

Fourth, Style Description:

Modeling:Italywavy, Natural Weave, STW (Sliky stright weave), BW (BODY WAVY), DW (DEEP WAVY), WW (WATER WAVY), NDW (NEW DEEP WAVY), YAKY, SW (SUPER WAVY), FW (FRENCH WAVY), JC (JERRY CURLY), STB, Afro and Water, etc.

Fifth ,Color Description:

Color: dark, light-colored T Color, P Color, F Color, M Color

Dark series color card: # 01 # 1B # 02 # 04 # 06 # 08

Light-colored series of color cards: # 10 # 12 # 14 # 16 # 18 # 20, # 22 # 23 # 24 # 25 # 26 # 27

# 30 # 33 # 613 # 60 # blue # lila # pink # red # 99j ORANGE, BURG, YELLOW, PURPLE, GREEN

Other color: color mixing between color # 4/27 # / 613 # 1B/613 # 8/613 # 12/613 # 18/613

Stained according to customer needs

Sixth, the mode of transport: Airport, Seaport, DHL / UPS /EMS / FEDEX etc.

Seventh, Payment Terms : T / T;Western Union, Money Gram and Paypal; L / C; bank transfer,

Eighth, MOQ: accept trial order, sample order; Normal MOQ: Hair extensions:2kg/color; pre-bonded hair/micro ring hair extension: 2000pcs/color; hair weft/hair weaving/micro ring hair weft/type hair/skin weft: 20pcs/color; Mannequin head/training head: 100pcs; hand made wigs: 5pcs/color; machine made wigs: 50pcs/color; synthetic hair: 5000pcs/color; synthetic hair weft: 100pcs/color

Ninth, Wholesale Description:

The Buy quantity more than 2 or buy goods amounting to more than $ 500 either mixed batch

2, we will submit in your order and payment within 48 hours of issuing goods. We only guarantee delivery time, and does not guarantee the arrival time. Reject any form of compensation to the speed of delivery requirements.

3, of the goods to the 2nd, as a result of the issue of product quality or the purchase of products and orders do not match, please get in touch with us, we will from time to time to give Returns processing.

4, site pictures only for the purpose of showing the effect of the style details, fabrics and colors to describe or in kind prevail.

5, wholesale price excluding freight, freight themselves, specific distribution methods can be customer-demand, it is recommended that use the EMS to pay freight or other designated courier company to pay the freight.

6, the exchange goods requires a commodity complete packaging invoice.

7, freight costs as a result of the quality of products or products purchased with orders inconsistent borne by the Company; non-normal use as a result of the product or force majeure external factors that caused the damage, as well as because of style issues need to be replaced, the The Company does not assume the freight costs.

Tenth,Combing and cleaning steps:

1. Combing process, steel tooth comb to comb, preferably with a double row of plastic or wood comb hurt hair. Comb when worn on the head and then comb, press and hold the hair root comb, do not pull, first following comb, comb down from above. Second dyeing of human hair not own or heating, because they can not grasp the temperature, overheating makes hair out of focus.

2.In the shampoo process, it is best to wash with cold or warm water, ordinary shampoo can be in line with the point Conditioner, according to the frequency of wear, generally in about 1-2 months washed. Washed, dry naturally. The hair usually without the placement, the best in original packaging inside, wearing out shaking a few restored.

Eleventh, shopping notified

    1, to buy Contact

    Our own production factory, so the owner needs to deal with trade export business, such as online, direct dial phone or MSN contact. MSN:; Tele: +86-15837402375

    2, the color errors problem

    Because of the color and hue, the proportion had relations, computer display different individuals may have different cognitive So if any chromatic aberration, all goods in real colors.

    3, receiving instructions

    When the courier receipt the surface check verification and then sign, if there are questions (number not damaged) please refuse to sign. Because the to find courier after receipt square, it is difficult to claim. If no accept after inspection and pieces, such as lost, the responsibility borne by the buyer. Both individuals sign or ask someone to sign on behalf of, to endorse upon receipt.

    4, Shipping Services

    Each postal system or courier services of varying quality, and if this is any dissatisfaction, please prosecuted to the postal system or courier company can contact us before the complaint, we will cooperate with your complaint, such as this responsibility blame on us to give in the assessment, poor evaluation, all complaints.

5, Return Service

    Once generated transactions, the plant will be strictly in accordance with customer orders to production orders color number or size of the number of customers need to improve, please contact aftermarket within 8 hours, such as extended not improved. Before the item is sold, we will carefully check the quality problems, non-quality problems OUR not returned. (Color, ineffective, and is not suitable for all quality outside).

If have quality problems to be returned, within two days after receipt to inform and express mail (do not accept the surface), will be held within three working days after receipt of the returned goods to help you replace or refund

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